Small Bathroom Ideas to Make Better Use of Bathroom Space

For those of you with a small bathroom, lack of space can have a number of disadvantages. This may be due to a lack of space, to enclose the feeling of being in a room varies to relax in the bathtub. These problems can not be some role, but for others, they do not care.

There are a number of ways to make better use of space in a bathroom. One of the best small bathroom ideas, as far as storage is concerned, is to use a toilet storage. The space above the toilet is often so far, storage or decoration is neglected in question, and there is a wide range of over toilet racks, cabinets, shelves and space savers available the market. These can be made of metal or wood and vary in price, design and quality to the point that most people will find something to their taste and budget.

Look more small bathroom ideas on video below: 


Modern Living Room Ideas

So, are you ready for the experience Modern Living Room ideas? And go.

What I recommend finding the center wall unit, TV stand or in full modern entertainment first choose for your living room, because your sleeping position and measures depends in large part complete by placing your TV entertainment centers , TV furniture and wall unit. You can of course choose to only get a modern TV stand, but I highly recommend that you get a complete wall unit. This could be the creative and unique piece of furniture in your living room, the room will be your life not only modern, but look absolutely unique. These days, with so many options and choices of modern wall units there, everything depends only on your creativity, your own style from which the furniture manufacturers offer built.

Modern sofas, modern sectional sofas, tables – all these units you see in stores usually look something similar to what your neighbors have. But modern wall unit gives you the opportunity to create something truly remarkable, beautiful, unique and futuristic piece of modern furniture. And to achieve this, let me share some useful information that is always for me:

A wall unit is usually what you see first when you enter the living room to work so hard on it. It is a very simple rule to the wall unit I: “90-60-90” or I would say, “90-60-45-90” J. What this means is that, in general, cabinets geometrically sizes such as standard 90, 60 and 45 cm. Sometimes you are 120 and 100 cm see existing units but are usually television bases or base units. Depth generally not more than 15 to 17 “for wall units or storage units and 20-24” for base units. Believe me, if you have made this part of the job correctly, it will serve you right.

modern living room ideas for small spaces

These days, many colors and textures wall units are used to modern. The color of your wall could ruin the effect (means if your walls in white, beige or white then painted white wall unit is mixed, and you must not be looking for this contrast effect).

Please …. Do not you try your closet roomy and useful at the same time …. Some wall elements such as small boards with television to be beautiful in the catalog but in real life, when you try to set up a TV, you have to hide for reasons of space and many cords. So be careful when choosing a television in your wall unit, make sure you know the measurements all the components you purchase the unit wall and try to visually hide everything in the TV.  Sometimes the television cameras to hide in this way all those ugly cords. or modern sectional sofas are the most commonly used living room furniture pieces today. Here are some recommendations when choosing one: it is always better when you know that the TV (wall unit) to position the couch and your lounge chair to face manner. The place feels safe and be separated from other areas, manner, making it a simple relaxation area, a residential neighborhood in a residential area. You can look more ideas in

It is always to choose a sofa of your choice between a modern leather sofa and a modern fabric. Bad choice could kill all your creative work of your modern living room here. Dinette table and chairs, even if you choose a more modern, has always heavy air and attracts too much attention to them, and they all created from the rest of the set beautifully.

Perfect furniture for your modern living room ideas

If you are in the process of designing your home, you’ll know that modern design is what is popular at the moment, especially if you are part of a modern family or couple of power.

If you are still living with your parents or grandparents even when they could not be so excited over a contemporary design. They might surprise you and how some of the creations of modern European furniture.

If you plan to redesign your living room, and some ideas that will make it look more modern, then read on and you’ll feel like you know exactly what you want for your modern living room ideas.

modern living room ideas with fireplace


The television is usually the focal point of the room. A large room is better to look with greater television and a small bedroom will need a medium sized TV.

You do not want a large TV for a smaller space because they make the room look even smaller and the TV is ridiculous.

Now you should aim to be hidden from the TV to the wall and cables are installed. If you know what color the unit you want even uncertain, wait until the color you have chosen sofa and even the color of the soil.


The sofa is a very important choice because you will need it to fit with the theme, but it is intended to be practical and because you are sitting on a lot. You will be more than you on the sofa to another piece of furniture in the house.

Well, many people think that for a contemporary look, the bed should be leather, but it is wrong. The contemporary style leaves nothing for structured materials on the couch, because they see more traditional.


For your storage options, you should be looking at the shelves Slim Box you saw specialize in some sites, the furniture in the European furniture. Wood floors may turn to traditional, but a wooden light would be good.

Baby Nursery Room Ideas

Expect a baby? Like most of us, you probably will not have to wait more than an empty room waiting to be filled with baby gear and accessories. Here are some important considerations that children from the conversion of an existing room into the nursery room ideas.

Spare room – if your future baby’s room is a spare room in the moment, think about where visitors can sleep immediately. A sofa bed in the lounge is a good compromise.

nursery room ideas

Office – which can be a difficult transition. Ask yourself first: your office a place where you have some letters to write and file your account statements, or anywhere that you or your partner is making money, building a business?

If it can not for occasional use, you can easily perform these tasks at the kitchen table. Some memory rearrangement with a better organization needed.

If your home office is a vital space and the baby is their second child, you should share with your baby with his / her siblings. This may or may not, depending on the temperament of the child. Did this idea out is not going to try.

Decoration – the creation of a new nursery does not mean a complete renovation. Instead of painting the walls, why not some nursery wall stickers or topics across the room?

How about applying a baby mural on one wall? This eye-catching solution draws the eye away from things that you do not have time to embellish as a future parent again.