5 Kinds of Boat Hull Design that You Should Know

There are various types of boat hull design that are available till now. It’s differentiated by any factors that are related with boat itself. For any boat makers, it’s really important to find out about any type that is categorized as boat hull and any factors that are related with it.

Within this article, there will be brief explanation available for you. The explanation will be related with anything that you need to know about the boat or you can go to http://BuildYourOwnBoatPlans.com for more information about boat plans. Without further ado, let’s find out about anything that you should know about any designs of boat hull.

Boat hull design and its type

  1. Flat-bottom boat
    the first design is, flat-bottom boat. As its name, the boat is known with its large bottom. Besides, there are several important things that you should know about this boat hull design.
    – Characteristic

    1. The lower part of boat is designed broader
    2. The boat is good for calm weather so, it’s good as fishing boat
    3. Usually, the boat will only use low horsepower motor

We like to say, flat-bottom boat as the simplest design. It’s inspired by old-belief where boat is good if the bow is designed pointed. In this case, the boat is a good example of it. Besides, it’s also made based on the wind condition and center of gravity.

2. Displacement, planning hulls
second, its displacement or planning hulls that is included as boat hull design. It’s considered as early boat design that has several characteristic such as :

boat hull design software
– Characteristic

    1. The hull is used to push or making the boat go cruise on water
    2. The proper propeller is merged with lower pitch
    3. It uses mechanical power as a way to move the boat

There are two types of boat categorized as this part such as, tunnel vee and catamaran. Both of boats are hard to differentiate due to its similarity. However, people can distinct it through the utilization of propeller seen on the boat.

Usually, it’s not fully submerged so, it’s better for the boat to prepare a holding stand for the propeller.

3. Vee Bottom
The third type of boat hull design is Vee bottom. Just like its name, the boat has V-shaped bottom that is submerged through the water. There are several points that you should know about this boat.
– Characteristic

    1. The boat is known as the most common design till nowadays
    2. It also becomes famous design that is favored by many people
    3. The V-shape bottom is also called as deadrise
    4. There are several types of flat surface given for the boat. Most of them have pad surface for the boat surface

The reason about why the boat is shaped as V is because of boat’s speed. It’s believed that the V-shape could be a good thing that increases the speed. That’s why, this boat hull design is still popular among various designs due to its speed.

4. Tri-hull or tunnel hull
both of names are considered as the same boat hull design. Tri-hull is known as the traditional style of Vee boat. In this case, there could be several similarities found on the boat. Therefore, let’s find out about it.

boat hull design types
– Characteristic

    1. It’s shaped as V at its bottom but, there are three V-shapes that are found on the bottom of boat
    2. Due to its bottom design, the boat has rougher handling while at water
    3. There are two designs categorized as the boat type such as, Tri-hull and tunnel bottom
    4. Tunnel bottom is known as the upgrade version of tri-hull due to its different bottom design
    5. Tunnel bottom has better acceleration than the first design
    6. Tunnel bottom inspires the making process of racing boat model with its flat and simple design

Both are considered as special boat that comes with great characteristic. Tri-hull may be known as speedboat where the upper body design is looked the same. The different is only at the bottom part where the boat is designed with multiple v-bottom design.

Tunnel hull is the other boat hull design that can be a good choice for any people that love to get fast boat for them. Therefore, it becomes a good choice for them.

5. Pontoon boat
the last type inside the list is, pontoon boat. The boat can be really different from previous choices. In this case, we are going to find out about things that you should know about it

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Characteristic :

    1. The boat is designed as flat design with two outer hulls. The hull is designed with aluminum
    2. The boat is really stable at water
    3. Besides, the boat is also dry
    4. The good news is, the boat is also easy to use for maneuvering

That’s all about boat hull design and we hope that it can be really useful for you to understand about any points of boat hull type.